Transforming Mecha: The ability of the Taurus to convert to an

Top 10 STOXX sectors. Top 10 EUROSTOXX sectors. Top 10 Eurotop 300 sectors. Transforming Mecha: The ability of the Taurus to convert to an aerodynamic, high speed fighter mode is played way up from the canon. Unusual Euphemism: A “Pilot’s Kiss” is the X shaped chest bruise caused by rapid deceleration and the four point harness mobile suits use. “Foxtrot Tango” is Alliance military for “I can not or will not obey your order.” The literal translation would be “fuck that”.

Wholesale replica bags Inexplicably Identical Individuals: Billy and Tommy, leading them to suspect that they are related in some way. They are. Interspecies Romance: Hulkling (Kree/Skrull hybrid) and Wiccan (human/possible mutant) Stature (human) and Vision (synthezoid) Big Zero (human) and Egghead II (some sort of robot) Kate (human) and Noh Varr (Kree) Interrupted Suicide: v2 had two of these. Wholesale replica bags

replica Purse Trolls are distinguished by their expressions, hair length and color, eye color, and clothing. Trolls with long uncut hair are preferred among collectors. The original Dam trolls have mohair for hair, in various colors. The show once had to stretch so far as to book series producer Gil Fates as a Mystery Guest during the week taped June 25, 1970. In his book What’s My Line?, Fates described the resulting segment as “Very big Mystery, very little Guest.” Catch Phrase: “Is it bigger than a breadbox?” (courtesy of one time regular panelist and long time guest panelist Steve Allen) and “Mystery Guest, will you enter and sign in, please.” Roughly one third into the CBS run, John seemed to become uncomfortable with his catchphrase. After trying to avoid this by saying things like “Mystery Guest please sign in after you enter”, he eventually settled back into the tried and true. replica Purse

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Replica Wholesale Handbags Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: While his name has become synonymous with stuff aimed at c hildren(syrupy sweet children fare, Bowdlerized Fairy Tales, and overly simplistic, historically inaccurate, way too lighthearted treatment of grim stories, it’s easy to forget that some Disney fare used Nightmare Fuel by the tanker truck. Look here for a partial list. Rags to Riches: In addition to creating the version of Cinderella most are familiar with, the now worldly known Disney came from a poor rural background and his father was a failed businessman, so his children had to work hard to help him make ends meet. Replica Wholesale Handbags

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Fake Bags Literary Allusion Title: Chapter 34 “Lady Lazarus,” Sylvia Plath. Titled After the Song: Chapter 10 “Mad World,” Gary Jules. Chapter 18 “The Fragile,” Nine Inch Nails. Ever. Bowdlerization: Several, but the more prominent ones are changing the name of Blood Falcon’s Hell Hawk to the Blood Hawk and renaming Miss Killer as Luna Ryder. The latter actually works to a degree, considering that Miss Killer drives the Moon Shadow, but it’s also a case of Never Say “Die” Fake Bags.

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