The 11th annual conference spans Thursday and Friday

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replica hermes CSU, ChicoThis Way to SustainabilityNext StoryThe nation’s largest student run sustainability conference celebrated a decade of environmental synergy in 2015.Environmental leaders and engaged citizens will converge on Chico State Bell Memorial Union in mid March for This Way to Sustainability XI, the nation largest student run sustainability event. The 11th annual conference spans Thursday and Friday, March 24 and 25. Each year, dozens of students play an important role in running registration, hosting speakers, and acting as campus liaisons.Under this year theme, Voices, Common Ground, This Way to Sustainability XI aims to acknowledge the many facets of living sustainably and provide tangible ways to prepare for increasing socio ecological stresses. The conference is hosted by CSU, Chico Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) with extensive involvement by the Associated Students.ISD Director Jim Pushnik said that this year keynote speakers were selected with a few key topics in mind: health, water, and food.this year conference, we all looking at the same topic (sustainability), but coming from different perspectives, Pushnik said. politics to economics to where our food is grown people hear these different ideas, they realize they all connected. full two day schedule includes keynote presentations from a range of experts discussing family farming and health, the disrupted global water cycle, and the benefits of localizing our food supply.Attendees can also participate small sessions covering a wide range of topics, from water pollution to solar energy efforts and grassroots healthcare. Additionally, visitors can stop by the BMU Auditorium Friday morning to see and vote on the Greenie displays, sustainability focused K projects.Conference goers can get a head start on the week events Wednesday, March 23, with a pre conference kick off in Trinity Commons featuring live music and dance, games, and activities provided by student organizations.The full conference program is available online, and registration is free for all students.To register or for more information, visit the conference website.”Bag Monsters” joined students at the 2015 This Way to Sustainability conference to voice concerns about the effect of single use plastic bags on the oceans replica hermes.

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