One could say that it looks, and handles, like a giant Zero

For a Medium Bomber, the controls on the Ki 49 are ridiculously responsive. One could say that it looks, and handles, like a giant Zero. Patch 1.39 has reduced the G tolerance of the Ki 49’s wings, making it unable to turn or pitch at high speed without breaking.

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Leave the Camera Running: Avoided in the main film, but the Deleted Scene. Well, there are two of them. One for Justin Long and one for Seth Rogen where they just sit there and ad lib. 1. You have to be careful about the planetary configurations while buying an emerald. It has to be done on a Wednesday falling in the Shukla Paksha (ascending Moon cycle).

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Tacky Tuxedo: Pocus wears a white one. True Blue Femininity: The Oracle (a sand painter) wears blue and even uses blue sand to create her images of the past, present, and future. Walking Shirtless Scene The handbalancer. It probably refers to her returning to her own timeline. Possibly he’s simply staying at home to watch the kids (and judging from the above line, this isn’t too far fetched at all). Still, his complete absence he’s not even mentioned by name is kind of a let down for people who liked him in the first game.

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