Michael Irwin, a professor of psychiatry at the Semel

Brilliant, but Lazy: It is still Naruto. In his first chapter, he convinces Sakura to help him with paperwork while he sleeps on the couch. Broken Bird: Lucia and she shatters completely when she finds out the Grass have taken Rina. The specific areas of life over which Mercury rules are among others, communication, phones, computers, mail (snail and e mail) contracts, and jokes. I say “rules over” meaning that these areas are the areas of life most affected by Mercury. Three times a year this mercurial planet retrogrades or appears to move backwards.

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Back from the Dead: Resurrected first by Nate Grey, then by Arkea. Badass Normal: Started out as a commercial pilot with a mean right hook, then during her time on the run from Sinister’s Marauders, she joined the X Men out of necessity and became their tech support, managing to pull her weight on the team without any (apparent) powers at all. Bad Powers, Bad People: In addition to her Psychic Powers, at the height of her Goblyn Queen phase, Madelyne could draw out the innate evil in things and people, which she used to turn the X Men against X Factor.

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