A spasso per Parigi


A spasso per Parigi ho visto un’insegna che mi ha suggerito un giochino. Nell’insegna si vede scritto ABBESS, e googlando ho scoperto che questo termine significa BADESSA. Però in francese questa parola ha una caratteristica che in italiano invece non esiste. Riuscite a trovarla?

Secondo problemino: ci sono altre parole in italiano che hanno la stessa particolarità? Io ne ho trovate alcune di 5 lettere, e oltre non riesco ad andare, ma anche un numero in inglese con la medesima caratteristica.

Si può fare di meglio?

Bon travail et… à la prochaine.

And in combination with the expertise of the designer

You will be able to enjoy various Monsoon specialties of the city like Boiled or Roasted Corn Dishes on road side stalls or some special local dishes like Khichu during this season. There are also some famous Hindu festivals like Rakshabandhan (or Rakhi) and Janmastami the birth date of Lord Krishna fall during this season. You may sometimes end up in a water logging problem though.

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Basically you can ask it anything

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After a brief battle, the Surfer is surprised when the dragon

Medium Awareness: An odd example. Cat is studying to Hermes Birkin replica http://www.ssublindside.com draw furry comics, despite being a furry. Moral Guardians: Cat’s friend Courtney manages to find immoral messages in nursery rhymes. Mormonism: Cat and Dawn attend the church. Hunter is also evidently a member. Slightly subverted in that Dawn isn’t an official baptized member. Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: One of Vickie’s Halloween costumes when she was a kid was a princess samurai ballerina Pass the Popcorn: Cat and Ronnie have a discussion here. Perspective Flip: The first time we meet Alice, it looks like a standard Alpha Bitch, out to ruin Diana’s career in fashion design before it even starts. A hundred strips later, and we see things from Alice’s perspective. It turns out that Alice is generally a nice person. However, she sees Diana as a con artist, a glory hound, and her romantic rival. Punny Name: Dawn’s mother’s name is Jane Doe. Take a moment. Cat’s parents are named Tom and Kitty. Puppy Dog Eyes: Used by Cat and Dawn to get Ronnie’s father to take them to a nice restaurant they both want to go to. Running Gag: Cat running from Hunter whenever she gets embarrassed. Employees dropping dead at the call center. Dawn and Brian having bad luck whenever they get together. Ronnie and Vikki finding weird books at a discount bookstore. Sexy Backless Outfit: Vikki gets one for a double date she’s going on with Mariah. Shout Out: To Concession of all things. Cat has a Rainbow Dash doll. Shrinking Violet: Cat. She hates meeting new people, but is very friendly around her friends. Helen is quite softspoken and shy, even when talking to people she knows. Simple Minded Wisdom: Dawn comes across Cat lying in the grass Dawn: Cat, what are you doing?

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Hermes Birkin Replica Trademark Favorite Drink: Anita really likes drinking milk. Tokyo Is the Center of the Universe: Watered down somewhat, as London and Hong Kong also have fairly major roles in the story. Took a Level in Badass: In the time since the OVA, Wendy goes from a tea serving klutz to gun toting badass. Took a Level in Jerkass: Wendy again. Town with a Dark Secret: “John Smith is in a grove.” Tsundere: Okahara (towards Hisami) a rare male example. Arguably Nenene, especially in spiky Grumpy Bear mode. Tykebomb: Junior. He is eventually defused by the protagonists (mostly Michelle). Ironically, being reunited with his mother Nancy does not aid in the defusing, but rather makes things worse. Utopia Justifies the Means: The British Library’s plan. Villains Never Lie: Joker averts with this one. We see a scene where a flunky tells him that they only have one chance to make their plan work. A few minutes later Hermes Birkin Replica

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Replica Hermes Bags In a classic Silver Surfer story, the Surfer goes to a planet after receiving a call for help. He finds a group of natives being attacked by a monstrous dragon. After a brief battle, the Surfer is surprised when the dragon proves capable of speech. The dragon explains that his race was actually a peaceful one, and after escaping their doomed planet, they arrived here in search of fuel. The natives, for no reason other than the dragons’ monstrous appearances, gave them a chemical that destroyed them all save him, who was on a scouting mission. The last dragon then stayed on the planet and vowed to punish the natives, being the monster they feared he was in the first place. The Surfer, indecisive over who to side with, decides to end the conflict by removing the dragon’s powers which is ultimately fatal to the dragon. The natives cheer the Surfer and thank him for defeating the “evil monster”. The Surfer gives them all an epic chewing out and vows to never again to come to their aid, even if it means they all die Replica Hermes Bags.

Il triangolo di Tartaglia umano


Al liceo si studia il triangolo di Tartaglia: è un triangolo con dei numeri scritti nelle varie caselle, in modo che ogni numero presente è dato dalla somma dei due numeri della riga superiore che stanno uno alla sua destra e uno alla sua sinistra. Si comprende meglio da questo disegno, dove 6, ad esempio, deriva dalla somma 3+3.
















Mi è piaciuta la foto che ho inserito: vi è raffigurata la festa patronale di Barcellona, con una piramide umana. Immaginiamo di volerne fare una simile nella mia città, Trieste, dove all’ultimo censimento la popolazione risultava essere di 202.563 unità. Se nel primo piano in alto c’è una persona, nel secondo una a sinistra e una a destra, nel terzo una a sinistra, due al centro e una a destra, e così via come nel triangolo di Tartaglia, di quanti piani al massimo si potrebbe costruire questa torre a Trieste?

Ammettiamo che i triestini siano forti abbastanza da poter sorreggere le persone che stanno sopra di loro…

Haven is a warzone with Troubled people being rounded up and

Evil Plan: Ogel’s plan is to Hermes Replica Birkins cover the world with snow and ice. Although this is never revealed in the RPG itself, his ultimate goal is to freeze time itself. Evil Sounds Deep: A trait carried by both Ogel and General Evil. Exploring the Evil Lair: Alpha Team agents often have to do this in Ogel’s various compounds. Expy: General Evil combines elements of General Grievous and Hopper. Slayer is a very blatant expy of Dinatius. Eyepatch After Time Skip: While not stated in the RPG itself, Future Frozeen has an eyepatch over his left eye, as depicted on the Dino Attack RPG Wiki.

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Transforming Mecha: The ability of the Taurus to convert to an

Top 10 STOXX sectors. Top 10 EUROSTOXX sectors. Top 10 Eurotop 300 sectors. Transforming Mecha: The ability of the Taurus to convert to an aerodynamic, high speed fighter mode is played way up from the canon. Unusual Euphemism: A “Pilot’s Kiss” is the X shaped chest bruise caused by rapid deceleration and the four point harness mobile suits use. “Foxtrot Tango” is Alliance military for “I can not or will not obey your order.” The literal translation would be “fuck that”.

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Replica Handbags It was so horrible of them that Mitsuo tried to fight them off. The bratty son of the teacher is a complete asshole to anyone in his class, even threatens to have his dad’s friend shut down Sunshine Orphanage just because he supposedly can. More than likely, he uses his position as the teacher’s son to throw his weight around. Replica Handbags

Fake Bags Literary Allusion Title: Chapter 34 “Lady Lazarus,” Sylvia Plath. Titled After the Song: Chapter 10 “Mad World,” Gary Jules. Chapter 18 “The Fragile,” Nine Inch Nails. Ever. Bowdlerization: Several, https://www.replicasshandbags.com but the more prominent ones are changing the name of Blood Falcon’s Hell Hawk to the Blood Hawk and renaming Miss Killer as Luna Ryder. The latter actually works to a degree, considering that Miss Killer drives the Moon Shadow, but it’s also a case of Never Say “Die” Fake Bags.

But it’s a bit of an obstacle course here in the city of Essen

When you pull it out, it will be ready to work with. Make sure you still have enough confection sugar out with your sifter because you will need it to cover your work area when rolling it out. Mix your colors in real good, and when you work with marshmallow fondant you will see that it is a bit sticky.

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Aims for 3rd in row at home with sack

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Single Target Sexuality: Marc had exactly one unsatisfying

Many of these attributes would help you succeed in anything, not just Internet Marketing. The idea about planning is that you focus your mind on to the goals you have. The very act of writing something down or even just visualising life, as it would be after the goal is achieved, can have a miraculous affect on your concentration, and the forces of the universe! A case in point my wife loves kittens and knowing we did not really want to add to our financial burdens she added kitten pictures as her laptop wallpaper..

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The demons of the second game (and one in the third) are some mix of Anthropomorphic Personification and Eldritch Abomination. Our Vampires Are Different: Crimson Nobles are powerful long lived blood drinkers who take damage from direct sunlight, but they are born normally, not by being bitten, and are not really “undead”. Pimped Out Dress: Quite a few character designs, like Virginia and Alexia.

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